Sentient command prefix: s. / Custom

Sentient is a Bot in development with Features: API, Moderation, Utilities, Fun and More to come!

Bot Tags:
Sentient is a bot that soon it had a big update regarding commands. Soon We will be adding more features by the time! Be Patient!

Features Sentient can deliver you are:

  • Fun
  • Miscellaneous / Utilities
  • Moderation
  • API
  • Config Released with currently 1 command - Prefix
Our bot prefix is s. We also hope soon to add a database compatibility so you can choose what to change for the server and bot in your own server

The most helpful commands are:

help - Shows all commands of the bot

corona - Provides info for all corona virus cases in a specific country

whois - Provides an information about a specific member in the server by mentioning an id or mention the member

server - Provides the server information like owner, created, roles etc…

stats - Shows all information about the bot

How does config work? Welp i will show you a picture how it works.

Config Working

All Commands can be found also here:

Help Command

How you can contact us regarding suggestions / bugs / support?
A: Run the command support and click the link to join in our server where we can assist you with anything!