CoronavirusBOT command prefix: corona

A discord bot that give you the latest information about the COVID-19!

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Welcome to CoronavirusBOT!

I was developed in JavaScript and made by Cerberus Development!

My current prefix is corona

Website Status: Still in development!

API Status: Still in development!

Available commands for CoronavirusBOT.

You can find information about a command by doing corona help (command name) Example:

About - Help Command

<> means needed, () it is optional and ** is a warning but don't include these prefixes

Command: About

Description: Find out information about the bot & developer

Usage: tbabout (command name)

Aliases: about, aboutus

Category: General

Cooldown: 5 second(s)

Enabled: Yes

Testing: No

General (3)

all | country | leaderboard

Util (4)

about | help | invite | ping | stats | vote | uptime