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A semi customizable bot that has music, fun, moderation, web dashboard and more.

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Created By:Xandrrrr#7774

Welcome to Arsenic!

Every server should have a customizable and comfortable Moderation-Bot! Thats why i created this Bot. My intention behind this bot was to create a bot, which gives you new possibilities to moderate a server and thereby have the possibility to adapt it comfortably and to give other normal users the possibility to listen to music directly from Youtube, Souncloud etc., as well as other functions such as: level system etc.

You can invite Arsenic with this Link: Bot-Links

Want to test Arsenic? Join the support Server here: Support Server

Bot is currently offline? Look on the Status Page to see the newest maintenance, failures and issues: Status Page


Since the bot has many commands, not all commands are listed here. You can read them all in the Docs!


You can see the first steps in the Documentation