DogBot command prefix: db!

A multipurpose bot that is used for Moderation, Fun, Music, and more!

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Created By:scltxn#2018

Hello. This is DogBot! It’s a discord bot with moderation commands, music commands, fun commands, and other commands! If you invite it, use db!help to get a list of commands! We also got a website, which is NOT a dashboard. It is . It’s currently OFFLINE due to us having it off to save hours. We also as of now have real no purpose in the short run. Come join the support server if there was an error or you have a question! If you don’t want to check the website for t he commands if you couldn’t find it, then the commands are !help1 - Moderation commands, !help2 - Other commands, !help3 - Image based commands! Thanks for using dogbot and if you need anything, reach out to scltxn#2018!