HolidayRoleBot v2

HolidayRoleBot v2 command prefix: !

Adds holiday roles to members if they change their nickname and it includes predefined emojis or words

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Created By:Puyodead1#0001

Every month with a holiday, this bot will allow users to gain a role by changing their nickname to include one or more of a predefined emoji or words for the holiday.

At the start of each month, if there is a holiday, the bot will create role(s) for the holiday, server owners can set an update channel where the bot will send a message for each holiday with information on the emojis and words required in nicknames. The bot will also rename roles from a previous holiday to include the year and change the color to default (grey). Server Owners can reorder the roles and change the role colors to suit their needs (just don’t rename the roles as that’s how the bot finds the roles).

Update Message:
Update Message Image


  • setupdatechannel - Sets the channel where update messages should be sent.
  • forceupdate - Force checks for new holidays/roles for the guild.
  • resendlatest - Resends the latest holiday information message to the update channel (requires setting the update channel, will also ensure roles exist)

This is an upgraded version of ChristmasRoleBot and is in beta and development, please report any issues!

You can view the data here which includes emojis, words and holidays, The emojis are encoded in the file but you can copy the escaped unicode into this site to view the emojis