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Multi-Functional Bot

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❗ A007 ❗ v1.5.0
🛈 A007 is a multi-functional discord bot!
>🔨 Moderation
Description: Simple moderating system and easy to use!
> 🌍 Public
Description: 30 Public commands and maybe more to come!
> 🛠️ Config
Description: About 5 - 7 Config commands, but only 1 works now because the bot is still under development
> 🎚️ Level
Description: 2 Commands, XP Gainable with 10 seconds cooldown and ♾️levels!
> 🏷️: Tags
Description: ‼️ Under Development

Permissions that the bot needs Useful and Helpful Commands
Manage Roles :?help - Shows all the commands
Kick Members :?config - Shows the server config
Ban Members :?support - Gives a link where you can contact the developers
Manage Messages
Embed Links
Send Messages