Balthazar command prefix: b.

Your playful companion. Also brings the tools to be a useful companion.

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A small but powerful logging bot. Also includes some moderation tools.
To see your current guild configuration please use b.config.

Key Features

  • Logging
  • Moderation
  • Utility
  • Fun


(There will be a complete list soon)
Balthazar features right now 24 different commands including moderation, image manipulation and utility commands.
To see the complete list use b.help. (Use b.help for more info about a specific command.)
Here some examples:

Please take a look at the website for a much more detailled documentation


Which actions will be logged?:

A user joins/leaves/is kicked
A user is banned/unbanned
A channel is created/edited/deleted
A role is created/edited/deleted
A message is updated/deleted/bulk deleted
A user is given a nickname
A user joins/leaves a voice channel
Pins of a channel are updated
Emojis are created/edited/deleted
Here some examples:


  • b.serverinfo | Shows various information and data of the server.
  • b.userinfo | Shows various information about an user.
  • b.roleinfo | Shows various information about a specified role.
  • b.modlist | Lists all members with moderation perms, e.g Manage Server, Ban/Kick Member or Administrator


  • b.ban
  • b.massban
  • b.softban
  • b.unban
  • b.kick
  • b.vkick

This will be updated shortly.

Balthazar 2019-2020 | Last Updated: 15/07/2020