Nate Bot


Nate Bot command prefix: n!

Nate Bot is a Discord Bot that features Games,, Roleplay, Moderation Commands and more...

Bot Tags:

Nate Bot is a Multi-Purpose Discord Bot capable of doing the cool things on your Discord Server!

This Bot Features Some of the following:

  • Customizable Profile and Rank Cards (Global Currency System used to Change and buy Background, Nickname, About Info Box, Badges, Power-Ups etc.)
  • Love/Roleplay commands such as Hug, Kiss, Random Animal Images, Shipping etc. (Theres even a Global Stats for Love Commands, run n!lovestats)
  • Play music with any YouTube link! You can also add Playlists and run Music commands which can spice up your Listening Experience with its best Quality.
  • Simple, yet easy to use Commands ready for you to use on your server! These can be looking up the Weather, Searching with Google, Checking your Server Stats and more cool commands!
  • Global Statistics
  • Open and Earn Crates
  • Lots of Games
  • Leaderboards (These are not Guild Based, they’re global meaning everywhere)
  • Customizable Prefix
  • Moderation Commands to help moderate your Server. Including Welcome Images…

Run n!help for All commands |