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Mikosa is a bot with many features and many categories suchas: Captcha, General, Informational, Points, NSFW, Moderation.

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Created By:Cartar#2461

Mikosa is a Discord bot that provides many features that are useful for guilds of all size, such as informational commands to inform people about different little things. Mikosa also comes with other features to entertain the member’s of your server to keep them active and extend their time in your server. Mikosa already comes pre-packed with multiple logging and configuration features, such as automod logging, Anti Discord invitations, when a user joins and leaves, custom welcome and leave messages, etc… It also, comes with a leaderboard to see who is the most active on the server. That was just a small sample of the features that make Mikosa, Mikosa.

Let’s see if this has persuaded for you to incorporate Mikosa into your server!