Mila command prefix: m.

Captcha | Logging | Leveling | Starboard | Roles for Badges | Mod tools | Features from Dyno, Rythm, MEE6 & Server Captcha Bot | + much more

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Mila is a multi feature bot designed to add countless functions - whilst maintaining high quality - to your server.


Here is a list of every feature you can expect to find in Mila:

  • Lightning fast music
  • Configurable leveling
  • Handy moderator tools
  • Captcha verification to keep the bots away
  • Roles for your profile badges; just visit the link and say hi to your new roles
  • Configurable and easy-to-setup starboards
  • Automatic logging so you know exactly what’s happening


A list of commands can be found by using in a server that you have invited Mila into. If you wish to learn how to get started with Mila, simply visit the documentation website and follow the guide there!


Found a bug? Can’t figure out how to setup Mila? Not to worry, our Support Team is happy to help as often as we can. If you are having trouble with Mila, please visit our support server and take a look at our Automated Help Desk in #help-centre. If that doesn’t help, then run in #bots to open a support ticket, and speak with our Support Team.

Quick Notice

Mila is currently undergoing a full rewrite, as a result, it’s unlikely that any bugs will be fixed until then. However, if you find a bug, please report it to us via our support server, we will then disable the command and implement a fix once the rewrite is complete.